Feb 22, 2021: Re-Entry

Ita Sonnenschein
⏱️ 16 minutes

The day NASA's Perseverance rover landed on Mars on February 18th, 2021, Ita Sonnenschein uploaded a wonderful animation of its entry through the Martian atmosphere.

We talk about her art, vaporwave, and how the exciting space era we currently live in will affect her art in the future.

The Sky This Week

Friday, February 26 – Montréal 

Saturday, February 27 – Montréal

Ita Sonnenschein

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  • The Moon always looks larger and reddish-orange when it's near the horizon
  • The Moon Illusion
  • Since 2013, I've been doing an event called "Moonrise" where I show people the Full Moon as it rises over the horizon
  • It's beautiful: and it's weird to me that this isn't a thing that humans watch and celebrate every month