Sun Spotters

See the solar eclipse on June 10th.

Safely look at the Sun with a pair of Sun Spotters. 

$ 5,00

It's Safe Now

It's tempting to want to burn your eyeballs out and look directly at the Sun with the naked eye, but I strongly advise against doing this.

Instead: these glasses let you stare at the Sun while maintaining your vision. All for $5. That's a pretty good deal (and only $2 for shipping, no matter how many you buy).

You can also support me on a monthly basis on Patreon and get a pair. There's other cool perks, too.

As an added bonus: you get to do the exact opposite of America's 45th president. Allow me to explain in the video below:

Gimme Close-Ups

Sure. Here's a little slideshow that shows the Plateau Astro logo, safety information on the back, and some artsy symbolism on the sides.

That photo with the orange circle? That's how the Sun looks through the glasses. It's pretty cool.

And that unruly, greying beard? Folks, it's Month 6 of a lockdown...

Support on Patreon?

Yeah! Plateau Astro is my passion and takes up a lot of my time (and I'd like to do it full-time one day). If you find my work, events, and humour enjoyable, I would really appreciate those coins you have lying around.

You can support from as low as $2.50 CAD / month. But if you want to get a pair of Sun Spotters, I have to be a greedy jerk and ask for $5.00 CAD / month. But! You get cool perks along the way:

  • audio monologues (usually once a week, usually 10 minutes long) about how I'm turning Plateau Astro into a business. These are fun, intimate, and honestly worth listening to
  • audio interviews with people working in the space sector that I write articles about
  • a pair of Sun Spotters, of course!
  • other perks, like discounts to events and workshops, and free copies of notebooks I create (if you support at the higher tiers)

Sarcasm aside, I really do appreciate your help. You're helping to build something unique in Montréal. Merci!

Support on Patreon

Why Would I Want to Look at the Sun?

Fair question. The answer: it's really quite cool to look at when wearing the glasses.

What you see is a yellow-orange circle in the sky. It's like uncovering a little secret that's been above you your entire life, and now you get to see it as it is.

Although solar activity is quiet now, over the next few years, dark spots (called Sunspots) will appear on the surface. That'll be really cool to look at.

Plus: in 2024, a solar eclipse will be going over Montréal. Beat the rush! Get ready for it!

Orange Sun as seen through Sun Spotters


Are These Safe?

Yep! These meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standards, which block out solar ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Here's the label on them:

Sun Spotter ISO 12312-2 safety

Read more about the solar eclipse glasses safety.

Can I Get a Bulk Order?

Heck yes! I've got 500 of these babies. I think it would be awesome to have a classroom with each kid owning their own pair.

Just send me an email and we'll work out a good price for both of us.

$ 5,00