Mobile Planetarium Experience

A planetarium brought into your school

Planned Launch: Early 2024. Now taking your feedback.


  • an inflatable dome brought into your school, set up in under 30 minutes
  • no need for costly transportation or permission forms
  • deeply immersive space and astronomy content tailored to every age level
  • each program adapted to Québec science curriculum
  • students are encouraged to make suggestions of where in space we should visit 
  • available in English and French
  • each show lasts ~45 minutes, dependent on grade level


Pricing is still being determined. But a cost ballpark is ~$1000 CAD + taxes for the day.

It's encouraged to line up multiple classrooms to be available to attend a presentation during the day.

Children looking up at the dome

Shows Under Development

  • Intro to the Night Sky
  • The Planets
  • Solar Eclipse 2024: What We'll See
  • Artemis II: Canada's Mission to the Moon
Mobile planetarium set up in a school

Space Required

Currently, we're choosing between two dome sizes. Your feedback will help make that decision:


  • Diameter: 5 meters (~16 ft.)
  • Height: 3.2 meters (~10.5 ft.)
  • Capacity: 25 adults or 40 young children


  • Diameter: 6 meters (~19.5 ft.)
  • Height: 3.7 meters (~12 ft.)
  • Capacity: 45 adults or 60 young children

Typically, a school gymnasium is used for the dome, required for the entire day. However, if you have another room in your school that would fit the dome space, this is good information for us to know.

Accepting Feedback

This project is still in the planning phase, but your feedback and interest is a huge help. The more interest, the quicker this gets off the ground!

Are you a parent, school teacher, or a decision-maker at a school? Would a planetarium experience at your school interest you?

Please contact me, or fill out the form below. I will reach out very soon:

About the Host

Your host for every show is Trevor Kjorlien, founder of Plateau Astro.

Trevor Kjorlien, host of tours

Trevor has been doing space outreach in Montréal since 2013. In 2019, he became the host of the English version of National Geographic Observétoiles in Sutton, Quebec.

He has been interviewed and featured many times on TV, radio, and newspaper.

Trevor is also a storyteller and stage performer, promising to make your show fun and entertaining.

Trevor is 100% fluent in English and ~70% fluent in French.