Sunset Club


It takes the Earth 24 hours to spin once. Throughout the day, the Sun appears to slowly move across the sky, seeming to barely move at all.

In this workshop, we'll go up to the best sunset spot in Montréal and watch as the Sun goes below the horizon. As we watch the sun go "down", what we're really watching is the rotation of the Earth in real-time, revealing how quickly our planet is rotating all day long.

What You Will Learn

We will be learning how fast the Earth is rotating. We will also see how everything else – not just the Sun – is rotating at the same speed.

After the Sun has set, we will bring out the telescope to get a close-up look at the Moon. I'll have an adapter that allows you to take photos with your smartphone.

The planets Jupiter and Saturn will also be visible (with the naked eye), and we will get a close look at them with the telescope as well. See the moons of Jupiter! And the rings of Saturn!

We will also learn about some of the constellations and navigating with the star Polaris.


This events is weather dependent. If it's raining or completely cloudy, the event will not be held.

However, if it's clear or only partly cloudy, the event will most definitely be held.

On the day of the workshop, emails will be sent to the group to confirm the event is GO!

Duration & LOcation

We meet at Beaubien Parc in Outremont about 45 minutes before sunset. We then walk up to Belvedere Outremont, arriving about 10 minutes before sunset.

After, we will look at the Moon, planets, and stars for about two hours, though you are welcome to leave at anytime.

What to Bring

  • Smartphone to take photos (make sure it's charged and has free space!)
  • Sweater, warm jacket (it gets chilly when the Sun goes down)
  • Comfortable walking shoes (we'll be walking up pavement and a gravel trail)
  • Water


During COVID-19, these workshops will be in small groups. I ask that you maintain physical distancing and wear a mask when close to others.

For the telescope and other equipment, I will be disinfecting after each use.


This workshop currently costs $10 / person. Payments are taken by contactless debit or credit card.

Upcoming Events

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