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Presentations and activities for all ages


In addition to events and workshops, on-site presentations are also offered. Presentations can be tailored for the age and interest-level of your group.

Currently, there are two presentations available: The Moon and The Planets. These talks are easy-to-understand and use animated visuals to explain concepts. These aren't your boss's boring PowerPoint presentations.

Each talk lasts roughly 30 minutes. Depending on your group, we can then do a customized activity, such as arts & crafts for kids or a Q&A session for adults.

Weather and celestial objects permitting, we can also do a brief telescope training and look at the sky!

Have a group that would find this interesting? Send a message in the contact form below.

Past Presentations

  • January, April 2018 - Saint Columba House Senior Citizens Program
  • April 2018 - Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library
  • May 2018 - St Columba House After-School and Transition Program
  • June 2018 - AIDS Community Care Montreal
  • July 2018 - Summit School
  • August 2018 - Vent Over Tea
  • August, September 2018 - La Friche au Pied-au-Courant
  • November 2018 - Jewish Public Library
  • March 2019 - Girl Guides, Rosemont
  • April 2019 - Girl Guides, Rosemont
  • July 2019 - National Geographic Observetoiles
  • August 2019 - National Geographic Observetoiles
  • August 2019 - Vent Over Tea
  • August 2019 - Ecomaris Sailing School
  • September 2019 - Les Soeurs Boulay
  • September 2019 - Girl Guides, Rosemont
  • October 2019 - Montréal Space Symposium
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