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Presentations and activities for all ages


In addition to events and workshops, online virtual presentations for classrooms and groups are also offered. Presentations can be tailored for the age and interest-level of your group.

Currently, there are two presentations available: The Moon and The Planets. These talks are easy-to-understand and use animated visuals to explain concepts. These aren't your boss's boring PowerPoint presentations.

Each talk lasts roughly 30 minutes. Depending on your group, we can then do a customized activity, such as arts & crafts for kids or a Q&A session for adults.

Weather and celestial objects permitting, we can also do a brief telescope training and look at the sky!

Have a group that would find this interesting? Send a message in the contact form below.

Past Presentations

  • January, April 2018 - Saint Columba House Senior Citizens Program
  • April 2018 - Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library
  • May 2018 - St Columba House After-School and Transition Program
  • June 2018 - AIDS Community Care Montreal
  • July 2018 - Summit School
  • August 2018 - Vent Over Tea
  • August, September 2018 - La Friche au Pied-au-Courant
  • November 2018 - Jewish Public Library
  • March 2019 - Girl Guides, Rosemont
  • April 2019 - Girl Guides, Rosemont
  • July 2019 - National Geographic Observetoiles
  • August 2019 - National Geographic Observetoiles
  • August 2019 - Vent Over Tea
  • August 2019 - Ecomaris Sailing School
  • September 2019 - Les Soeurs Boulay
  • September 2019 - Girl Guides, Rosemont
  • October 2019 - Montréal Space Symposium
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