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Astronomy should be accessible, affordable, and practical.

Even in the middle of a city.

Most people have some fascination with space and the night sky, but most assume you can’t enjoy astronomy when living in a big, brightly-lit city.

That assumption should be challenged.

Yes, it's true: there are clearer views of the night sky away from the bright lights of the city. But we can still enjoy it in the beautiful parts of Montréal where we spend our daily lives.

About the Host

Salut! I'm Trevor!

Trevor Kjorlien
Photo by Craig Desson

Since I was a small kid, I've had an interest in space and the night sky.

In spring 2017, I finally got a telescope and would bring it to Parc Lafontaine almost every clear night. People would ask to take a look and were blown away by what you could see: the craters and fine details of the Moon's surface, the moons of Jupiter, and even the rings of Saturn.

They learned about the night sky – and I learned that I loved teaching it.

What's Offered

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