Events & Workshops

Sunset from the Belvedere Outremont

Sunset Workshop

Witness the rotation of the Earth in real-time while watching a beautiful sunset.

After the Sun goes down, we bring out the telescope to get a close look at the Moon and the planets in the sky.

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Long exposure shot of the Space Station flying overhead

Spot the Station

The International Space Station flies around the Earth every 90 minutes and can be seen with the naked eye as a bright, moving point of light.

In this workshop, we'll learn how to find and spot the station with some nifty smartphone apps.

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Live Streams

Live Streams

Over Facebook and Instagram Live, we'll learn different astronomy and space concepts, useful apps, and get close-up looks of the Moon and planets using the telescope.

Happens every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:30 PM (Facebook) and 8:00 PM (Instagram).

Join the stream and ask your questions!

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Des gens surplombant Montréal alors que la pleine lune se lève à l'horizon


Join us each month to watch the Full Moon rise over the horizon.

We'll look out over the city of Montreal and then be treated to a stunningly large, reddish-orange Moon as it makes its appearance.

No "Supermoon" required.

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Personnes regardant à travers le télescope

Public Telescope Viewing

Often set up in the heart of the Plateau, anybody can stop by and take a look through the telescope to see the Moon and the planets.

And if you have a smartphone, a handy little adapter lets you walk away with your own photo.

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