A Telescope for Special Events

Show your guests the night sky with a private telescope tour during your special event

Got a magical event coming up? Hire Plateau Astro to bring a telescope to your event and show your guests the Moon, planets, and more.

Trevor de Plateau Astro montrant aux invités la Lune avec le télescope


  • Location: on-site in Montréal
  • Price: $200 base price + $100 / hour
  • Ages: all ages (great for kids during a long event!)

What Your Event Will Experience

  • see the Moon with the telescope (date dependent)
  • see Jupiter and Saturn with the telescope (starting mid-August)
  • take their own photo of the Moon with their smartphone on telescope
  • brief, private instruction on smartphone apps and the night sky
  • answer questions your group has about the sky

Perfect For

  • corporate events
  • parties
  • weddings
  • family reunions
  • vernissages
  • album launches

On September 5, 2019, Les Soeurs Boulay launched their album, "La mort des étoiles" at pavillon du Lac-aux-Castors. 

For the event, Plateau Astro was hired to show their guests the Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn with the telescope.


“For Les Soeurs Boulay ' La mort des étoiles' album launch event, I asked Trevor to show the guests the sky with his telescope. Trevor identified in advance which planets would be visible at launch: Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon, and told me what time of the evening they might be seen. Upon his arrival, he settled in the best place to see the three without having to move around too much and he showed the planets in turn to the guests. Thanks to an addition on the telescope, it can transmit what is seen in the telescope in a telephone and record it in video. This addition was greatly appreciated by the public, who were able to leave with a memory and a new vision, particularly of the moon, which is very impressive up close. The children were also amazed to be able to see the moon so close and see the rings around Saturn with their own eyes." (translated from original French)

~ Emilie Darveau

Chargée de projets - Project Manager Experte Aperçu

Dare To Care Records & Grosse Boîte

Les Soeurs Boulay Album

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