Build an Earth-Moon Scale Model

Learn how big and how far apart the Earth and Moon really are

In this STEM activity, students of all ages will create their own scale model of the Earth and Moon to learn their true size and distance.


  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Ages: 6+
  • Price: $150
  • Materials: $1.50 / student
  • Materials Provided: styrofoam balls, sticks, string, paint, paintbrushes
  • Location: in-person in Montréal (also available as a remote presentation) 

What Your Class Will Learn

  • how big the Moon is compared to Earth
  • how far apart the Earth and Moon are
  • how big the Sun is, using augmented reality
  • what ratios and scale models are
  • how long it takes to get to the Moon


In this presentation, each child will get styrofoam balls, popsicle sticks, and string to create their own scale model. While they learn about the Earth and Moon, they'll construct and paint their models how they like.

After the paint dries, children will guess how far apart the Earth and Moon really are. They're often shocked at the answer!

Augmented Reality

After students have built their models, we'll show them how big the Sun is. To do this, we have to use Augmented Reality with an iPhone or iPad.

Best done outdoors or in a large room (like a gymnasium), we'll insert a virtual Sun into the scene.

Students can then partner up, pull their model's strings tight, then walk into the scene with the virtual Sun. They'll each get a photo of themselves with their model and virtual Sun.

Watch the video below for a demonstration:

See the Sun and Moon with a Telescope

If weather allows, we'll head outside and safely look at the Sun with a solar filter through a telescope. 

Students will have learned the true size and distance of the Earth and Moon and be able to compare this with what they see through the telescope.

If the phase of the Moon is right, we'll also be able to see the Moon during the daytime.

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